Mattress Care Guide



Congratulations on the Delivery of your new Shire Bed’s Mattress, a National Bed Federation Award Winning Company.

The Artisan Range has been handcrafted by our highly skilled team in our Yorkshire factory so you Never Lose Sleep Again.

We create every mattress individually to order for your personal satisfaction.

Post Delivery

Your Artisan mattress has a large number individual pocket springs and deep layers of fillings so is Heavy and we always recommend that 2 people should lift or move your mattress.

The handles are there to assist you in turning and rotating your mattress but not to be used for lengthy carrying. Once you have unwrapped your new mattress we recommend you have it in a well ventilated room as the natural fillings do have a slight odour which will dissipate over the first couple of days.

Mattress Sizes

Your Artisan Range Mattress is always handmade and therefore may vary by plus or minus 2cm this is well within National Industry standards. During delivery your mattress can contract but over the first few days in your home will relax and return to normal size and feel.


Some of our Artisan range mattresses are hand tufted, we do this to ensure that the natural layers of luxury fillings remain in place. Occasionally a tuft can snap during transit if this unusual event was to happen then please contact your retailer to arrange a repair.

General Information

Never fold or roll your mattress as this can cause damage.

Do not jump on your bed as this could cause damage to the springs and damage your base.

All our Artisan range mattresses are 100% safe to use with an electric blanket but may change the feel of the mattress.

How to care for your new Shire Bed mattress

Protecting and cleaning your mattress

We always recommend you use a good quality cotton or wool mattress protector but do remove it from time to time to allow the mattress to air.

You can use a waterproof protector but this will reduce the benefits of any natural fillings in your new Artisan mattress and in the long term may cause damage due to condensation.

You should remove all bedding and sweep off any dust or fluff from time to time (never use a vacuum cleaner as this can unsettle the natural fillings)

In the event of a spillage use kitchen roll or a sponge to absorb excess liquid, you can use a weak solution of soap and water on a damp cloth to remove slight marks in the fabric.


Supporting your mattress

If you are using your existing base please ensure it is in good condition as your mattress will contour to it as it does to your body.

If you are using a slatted base, the gaps should be less than 75mm apart as this does not support the spring unit so we advise you place a baseboard under your mattress.


Impressions in your mattress

The vast majority of people sleep in the same or similar position every night so it is normal for your handmade mattress to have your body impression. You will therefore find the fillings settle and dip to conform to your body shape in the area you sleep and may cause a ridge in the centre of your mattress. This is your new mattress getting to know you and is as normal similar to the indentations which you find on the insoles of your shoes.

To reduce impressions in your mattress we recommend the regular turning and rotating of your mattress (see below), if you are unable to turn and rotate your mattress the natural fillings will settle of their own accord. (Remember your Signature mattress is heavy and we advise 2 people to move it).

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A single sided mattress like a pillowtop or non-turn mattress only needs rotating.


A double sided mattress needs both turning and rotating.


If you have any further queries about our care guide and how to care for your Shire Beds mattress, please get in touch.