Proud recipients of the prestigious NBF Product of the Year Award.

The NBF Product of the Year Award is the ultimate accolade for the company in its continuous innovation, development and growth journey.

The Signature Collection by Shire Beds was declared winner at the NBG Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony 2021.  The NBF event attracts excellence and brand leadership; Shire Beds receipt of the award demonstrates the best in British Bed Products.

The luxurious range of hand crafted mattresses features natural fillings of wool, cotton, cashmere and silk. It also includes the highest ever spring count offered by Shire Beds – available in 6000, 8000 and 10,000 options.

In recent years Shire Beds has invested in expanding, upgrading and reengineering its facilities. Shire beds production facility combines the latest in top-of-the range automated machinery and expert crafts people to produce Award Winning handcrafted products.

“We are incredibly proud of what the company has achieved over the years. The Signature Collection will enable us to further increase our quality offering to include a high spring count, hand side stitched  hand crafted quality product.  We are proud the industry has recognised this excellent product  with this award.” Fara Butt

The company was also runner up at the 2019 NBF Awards with its hugely successful Award Nominated Constable Pillow top Mattress.

Shire Beds award group photo